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Data from 8/4/06 onwards courtesy of Mediabase, inc.)

The pages by letter list artists (with their biggest hit in parentheses), click on the artist's name to see their hits in chronological order. The peak position of each song is given, along with its weeks on the chart, weeks at peak position, and date of its 1st week at peak date.  Chart data is based on, and provided with the permission of Radio and Records magazine.
Color-coded: Top 10 - Green box.   #1 - Purple box.
Note: in 1973 and 1974 R+R's chart was only a TOP 20 chart, though that was inconsistent - some weeks the chart would be top 22, top 23, top 21 --- variable. Late in the year it moved to top 30 and finally a TOP 40 chart for the first time on 11/29/74. Therefore if  the "weeks in the chart" column has a star next to it, that means weeks on chart could mean weeks on the top 20, top 24, top 30, etc. i.e. an inconsistently sized NON-top 40 chart. 
The top 40 chart of 11/29/74 lasted until 10/8/76. The chart on 10/15/76 was a top 30 chart, and remained that way until 1983, therefore "weeks on chart" for song hitting in this time period means weeks on the top 30.  From June 1983 until May 1995, the chart was again 40 songs, and May 1995-present the chart was 50 songs.

NOTE: If a song has no chart run linked to it, you can assume the 'obvious' for their chart run and that there were no re-entries or "rebounding" to and from positions. i.e. if a song peaked at #39 on 2/8/87 and it entered 2/1/87 and had 2 weeks on chart, then it was at #40 on 2/1/87 so no chart run page needed. Same situation with 3 weeks on chart, also means song was at #40 on 2/15/87, etc.

Obviously this depends on the # of total songs on chart, 30, 40 or 50 (see above). If a song DID have a chart run that can't be determined from the given info, I include a chart run for it.



8/14/06 - I am now continuing to use Mediabase's weekly charts even though R+R has now been part of billboard and now do a different chart. The DATES of charts are now Sunday of the end of the week data is collected. so the charts go 8/4/06 (last R+R chr/pop chart using mediabase) - 8/6/06 - 8/13/06 - etc

12/16/14 - I have completed ALL Song data and Song run links, A through Z! If you see anything songs I didn't link to or broken links, please e-mail me at the link below! (If you don't find a song that you THINK charted, especially in the 70's or early 80's, it might have hit the Billboard Hot 100, or been on your radio station alot, but probably DIDNT hit R+R's CHR CHart (which was only a Top 30 chart for a stretch). You can check with me if you're 100% certain I missed a song, but 9 times out of 10 it's the situation I just described. (I get asked about "MAster blaster" and "Twilight zone" alot.)

NEW - I'm starting now to list the links directly to songs Alphabetically by SONG TITLE. It will take a while of course, but I've started the "A"s here.


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